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Summer 2017 Dance Session
Summer Dance Intensive​s.
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July 10th, 2017.

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For Serious Dancers or Just for Fun


The Galletta School of Dance and Performing Arts provides the highest degree of excellence with a graded curriculum and maintains a competitive edge with respect to current trends and techniques.

The studio’s mission is to recognize the multi-faceted abilities of our students and to provide the highest quality of dance training and professionalism in all areas of the performing arts.

Our school offers a complete ballet curriculum, taking students from pre-Ballet through advanced techniques in the English, Russian and American styles.

Our goal is to provide the best instruction in all areas of performing arts.

In addtion to Ballet, we offer classes in Jazz, Hip-Hop, Modern, Tap, Acting, Creative Movement, and Pointe. Private lessons are also available.

Take a look at our Our-Classes.aspx and then come by and visit us.

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Galletta School of Dance presents…

Sleeping Beauty

With Variety & Variations

Saturday, June 10th At 7:00pm


Sunday, June 11th, 2017 At 2:00pm


North Kitsap High School Auditorium

Tickets on Sale April 2017!

Galletta School of Dance

19351 8th Ave., Suite 100; Poulsbo, WA 98370





-Makenzie MoodyJuly 13, 2015 5 stars

Galletta's provided me with an amazing dance education and countless opportunities to improve my skills in acting, dancing, and singing. All the teachers are incredibly welcoming and genuine people and the same can be said about the people who dance here. Everyone is accepting, encouraging, and positive towards anyone in class. I love this studio dearly and they are a wonderful dance family to be a part of!



-Wendy GrantJune 23, 2015 5 stars

This dance studio has become a second home to us. I couldn't ask for a more positive environment for my kids. The staff is nurturing and encouraging. The other families are so welcoming. The teachers come from impressive, professional backgrounds and I know my children are getting the best dance instruction in the area. I highly recommend this studio, we are extremely happy here.



 - Lisa Rose, June 26, 2014  - Just a note of gratitude for this journey we went on from day one of rehearsals through the final show.  Abby pretty much stopped dancing after the very first rehearsal in May.  It was challenging and at times I wondered if I should stop taking her because she was so resistant, saying she didn't feel good or that she was too tired, any excuse to stay home and "hide".  It took me a couple of weeks to realize what was going on and I was torn because on one hand I felt strongly that she should finish something she started, but also I didn't want to push her to do it because it would make her more resistant and resentful.  I agonized over this, and I spent many hours just sitting with her in my lap watching the other girls dance.  It was more than the stage fright, that was there from the first  day she stepped into the ballet studio - she hates having me or my husband watch her dance - she was terrified of Lizzie who played the wicked witch so well.  I learned to follow Abby's cues, to take her out of the room before Lizzie would perform or cackle.  But more so, Amber realized that Abby wasn't the only one who was scared of Lizzie and quickly invited Lizzie to class to talk to the little ones, to show them that it was still Lizzie and that she wasn't really scary, she was just pretending.  Lizzie just went above and beyond by checking in with the girls, offering high fives, taking their hands to help them on and off stage, and letting them try on her costume throughout the whole process.  She still scared Abby when she was performing, but all the reassuring gestures and positive energy helped Abby through it.  Furthermore, when we did the dress rehearsal at the auditorium, we faced another hurdle with Abby: the change on venue!  My kids really don't deal well with change!  As you saw, she was in tears before we even got dressed.  I was so impressed when you came up to her and took her hand to walk her onto the stage before the rehearsal, and that you kept asking how she was doing each time we arrived at the auditorium.  The care and the genuine concern that you showed (and Deirdre, and the teachers, and the older dancers) was remarkable to me.  Here we were, a little teary eyed 4 year old and her stressed out mom, who, in the grand scheme of the show, didn't mean a whole lot, the smallest of parts really… but you all cared about her and this personal journey she was on.  I know that she and I could not have had the success we experienced without that, and I am so very grateful.  It was a very big deal in our little household to have her gain the confidence and courage to do something which, quite frankly, would be terrifying to many.  It is certainly an experience I will never forget and I am just so thankful to you and the school.  We look forward to many more of these performances and experiences with Galletta.  


-Sarah F.August 25, 2010 - Galletta School Of DanceA great studio★★★★★  My daughter (16) has been dancing at Galletta's for three years. I can't say enough good things about this studio. Most of all I appreciate the culture--Galletta's challenges dancers of all levels while still fostering a love of dance in a place where everyone is welcome.


-T C.August 25, 2007 - Galletta School Of DanceI highly recommend Galletta School of Dance★★★★★ My 7-year-old daughter has been a student of Galletta School of Dance for 1.5 years. She enjoys it thoroughly and looks forward to every class. The dance skills, confidence and poise she is developing through their program is priceless. They emphasize learning rather than performance; nevertheless the programs they come up with are fantastic and still affordable. I??ve noticed that instructors and fellow dancers are friendly and supportive of each other. Galletta unites a poised, professional demeanor with a very comfortable, relaxed and friendly environment. The focus is on learning to dance in a style where my daughter and her friends have a lot of fun.